About us

We are a company with a vast experience in both the public and the private sector. We are tailors, artisans using today’s technologies to create projects, services, products shared first of all with the customer and after, when they are convincing and profitable, put on the market. We live in a country that has a distinguishing passion and quality trait and that has achieved extraordinary results in many areas; the same passion and quality that we put in the things we do and we try to share with our partners. We want to be true to our values, to customer relationship ethics, at the same time trying to understand the new needs of a world that is going through profound changes that stimulate companies like ours to try new paths, build new alliances.

We try to offer new services to our customers, possibly integrated and, of course, at a reasonable cost.

We want to be creative and confident in the future of our country, in such bad repair yet so extraordinarily full of talent and potential.


vision up - mauro battaglia

Mauro Battaglia, a long experience until 2000, a director at the Municipality of Modena in the fields of communication, tourism promotion, media relations and administrative simplification. Then from September 2000, Managing Director of Mito Group srl, a marketing and communications company which acquired an enviable reputation and image with the planning and organisation of major marketing events in Italy and abroad, as if the Manuel Fangio big show, the Reggia di Caserta, the Parigi-Pechino with Overland anda Modena Terra dei Motori. Vision Up, borned in 2011, keep on working on Mito Group projects.